About Therapy



“It’s your road, and you are alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you”

– Helen Keller


We all have times in our lives when things can feel difficult. This may be related to stress at work, relationship difficulties, life events, bereavement, or issues from the past suddenly intruding into our present. If we are lucky, we may have a supportive family or friends to talk over our problems with but even then, some issues may be too difficult to speak out about.

For some, a way of coping through adversity is to try to ‘keep going’ in order to distract us from the real root cause of the pain. However, unresolved issues often grow leaving us feeling stuck, helpless, depressed, frustrated and angry. Feeling out of control in our lives can feel frightening and overwhelming.

Through the process of counselling and psychotherapy, we would work together to try to understand how and why life may have become difficult. This gives you the opportunity to make different choices and to make changes to improve the quality of your life and relationships in the present. Often a huge sense of relief is felt having shared the things that have been bothering you. Putting issues into perspective and looking at them in a slightly different way may be just enough to help things to ‘shift’ and feel less of a problem. This might be enough for the time being but sometimes, if recurring themes play out in life, then a more in depth therapy may be needed.

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